At Clawson Homes, we sell customizable metal buildings that are manufactured to withstand winds of up to 140 mph.  Whether you need a small carport, a big commercial shop, a horse barn, or an RV cover, Clawson Homes has excellent options for you to consider.

Our manufacturer makes durable metal buildings that are engineered with prefabricated trusses and galvanized square tubing.  They are much more affordable than red iron buildings and come with a 10-year warranty.  Bult to meet your unique needs and budget, our Metal Buildings come in nearly any style, design, and size.

If you would like to see our selection of Metal Buildings, Visit our Gallery, call us or stop by our lot, and we'll be happy to put together a 3D rendering of your personalized metal building.

Metal Carports - Protect Your Valuables and Vehicles

It’s no secret that our vehicle, valuables, possession, and cherished items can’t always fit into the safety of our homes (we know your spouse probably isn’t keen on you bringing the lawnmower in when the sun goes down right?). But that doesn’t mean that your outdoor valuables shouldn’t be protected from the elements, damage, theft, and more. But how can you go about this? The solution—is metal carports.

Metal carports are, well, exactly like they sound—they’re galvanized, steel and metal framed structures that can help you cover and protect your valuables like your car, your RV, your boat, your outdoor equipment, and more. The idea? To ease your worries about the elements damaging your beloved items and keep them safe, protected, and good as new. At Clawson Homes Carports, we know how important protecting your vehicle and your valuables truly is to you—that’s why we make the quality metal carports you need to keep the things you love (and need!) safe.

Metal Garages - The Most Versatile Solution for Your Property's Needs

it is a decision that can facilitate your happiness! If you think we are exaggerating, consider the many things you care about—maybe it is a classic car you always dreamed of owning, farming equipment that is integral to your livelihood, or even just a space to embrace the hobbies into which you pour your passion and time. Those things contribute to your happiness, and happiness is worth protecting, right? For cost-effective, versatile storage, there is no better option than metal buildings. They are easy to construct, come in numerous forms to fit your particular needs, are incredibly customizable, and offer a safe, secure space for housing your valuable, no matter what they may be! So, what makes metal garages so great, and how can they fit your needs? We’re glad you asked! Read on to discover why prefab metal garages are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States!

We Offer the Best Metal Barns

Look, we get it—you work hard. Whether it is for a living or because you are passionate about something you enjoy, you always put your heart and soul into the task at hand. What you need is something that works as hard as you do to protect your livelihood and provide a great space for your passions.

Metal barns are seeing a boom in popularity because they do just that. From housing livestock to acting as a home office, the versatility and durability of prefab metal barns are hard to beat—especially at the affordable price point.

So, what exactly sets metal barn buildings apart from other options? We’re glad you asked! Just read on to discover the many benefits of metal barns and what makes them right for you!

 The Best Clear Span Commercial Buildings in the United States - Up to 70 Feet Wide

Across the United States, the popularity of and demand for commercial metal buildings is rising at an astounding rate. In fact, of the commercial structures built each year, up to nine out of 10 are of the steel-frame variety. The reasons are obvious—they’re versatile, can be designed to have pleasant aesthetics, and are very easy to build in a variety of sizes. Read on to discover even more advantages that make commercial metal buildings the go-to solution for businesses across the United States!

An enclosed space on your property is exceptionally valuable, no matter what you plan to use it for.  From a home office to storing large agricultural equipment, such a versatile space is worth the investment.  One of the issues that can arise when you have a need for a large, open space, however, is the interference of internal supports such as walls and columns.

Clear-span metal buildings solve this issue by removing such internal supports, giving you a wide open space to utilize to its maximum potential.  If you want the ability to use every inch of your metal building truly, a clear-span building can grant you that possibility!

As such, it's no surprise that clear-span steel buildings are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.